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Customized Expressions – Dreams Realized
Have something special in mind but cannot find it available in ready to hang art work or prints? You would be surprised how inexpensive a custom piece of art can be without sacrificing quality. Artist uses only the BEST supplies and museum grade canvas & paints to create your one of a kind painting, or to recreate famous works. (Artist can only copy non-copyrighted works for personal use, not for resale, mass printing, or redistribution). Small to large-scale – you choose!

Example Subjects

  • Local Scenes
  • Fantasy Landscapes
  • Signature Portraiture (Human or Pet)
  • Still Life Scenes
  • Illustrations
  • Sculpted Models



  • Acrylic
  • Watercolor
  • Pastel
  • Pen & Ink
  • Pencil
  • Textural Plaster
  • Bas Relief
  • Sculpted Clay
  • Sculpted Wax
  • Multi-Medium

[su_tab title=”ABOUT”] ARTIST
Sherry Lawler Sparks is an Orange County, California-based, classically trained artist whose career spans more than 36 years. Sparks possesses a personal interpretation readily apparent in her original oils and watercolors. A lifetime spent analyzing and practicing has shaped Sparks’ keen sense of vision while acquiring experience in a vast array of media. Currently, she works as a fine artist, mural artist, graphic artist and web designer.

Sparks, while working with Woniga Nagi Native American Pottery, created hand-carved, hand-painted cameos that quickly turned up in public and private permanent collections across the United States. One cameo adorns a water vessel on exhibit in the Los Angeles Indian Center’s permanent collection.

Picture of some of the artist's pottery Woniga Nagi Native American Pottery

Woniga Nagi Native American Pottery

Sparks has been in association with prominent OC shows, including Art-A-Fair and Festival of the Arts Winterfest, both in Laguna Beach. Her work has been displayed at the Surf City Festival and at the Art Center Gallery in Huntington Beach, as well as the former Gallery by the Sea on the Redondo Beach Pier.

The Lazy Dog Cafe - Valencia

The Lazy Dog Cafe – Valencia

The popular and innovative Lazy Dog Cafe, realized at once she possessed the ability to bring a strong identity to their vision. Sherry’s large scale dog
portraits can be viewed at the first half dozen of the popular cafes.

Sparks has painted for celebrities and collectors alike during her long running artistic venture.

Sparks’ painting and graphic clientele continues to grow at a precipitous rate, and she constantly strives to achieve new enlightenment for herself and bring innovation to her crafts.

“When I am in my golden years, ready to pass from this place, I don’t want to say that I ‘worked my life away.’ If I can create for a living, I will never feel like that.”


January 2018
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